The Road to BaselOne – Stop 4 – Zürich

Hoi Zürich! The weather in Munich was great when we left but quickly deteriorated into showers and strong winds. By train, ferry, and bus Sebastian and I arrived from Munich in Zürich just in time to have a light late lunch and head directly to the venue organized by A quick scramble to test the setup and we were off to a good start. Sebastian presented once more Event Sourcing and CQRS. This particular topic resonates very well with audiences as there were many questions regarding the pros and cons of choosing an event driven architecture design for your Read More

The Road to BaselOne – Stop 3 – Munich

Day 3 of the Road to Basel One tour, this time in the city of Munich, Sebastian’s home town. Kirk Pepperdine (@kcpeppe) joined us for this stop and delighted the audience with some general information on how garbage collectors work and how the G1 GC could be tuned. This topic is very relevant given that G1 becomes the default collector in Java 9, to be released two weeks from today. .@kcpeppe has joined the #RoadToBaselOne tour and is getting started with Tuning the G1GC — Andres Almiray (@aalmiray) September 13, 2017 We managed to record a few portions of Read More

The Road to BaselOne – Stop 2 – Stuttgart

The Road to BaselOne continues! Stop #2 began with an early breakfast and plenty of time to do some work before jumping on the train to Stuttgart. I used the time we had to publish issue 003 of my newsletter (English, Spanish) recounting one of the many topics we experienced during the summer at JCrete. After a great meal at an Indian restaurant located at the south of the city we settled at our hotel to continue our daily work until later afternoon, when it was time for joining JUG Stuttgart. For this stop both Sebastian and I had speaking Read More

The Road to BaselOne – Stop 1 – Karlsruhe

And so it began, the Road to BaselOne Tour kicked off with Sebastian (@DaschnerS) and myself (@aalmiray) meeting at Karlsruhe main train station in the early afternoon. After some time tending to our respective job obligations at a quiet location we arrived to our destination, the LogMeIn offices, the evening’s sponsor for @jugka. Sebastian presented a hot topic: When, why and how to CQRS. The audience was very engaged and asked plenty of questions during the presentation, which was exactly our intended goal 🙂 I took the opportunity to stream live some portions of the presentation using Periscope, links below Read More

Happy 9th Birthday Griffon!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Danno’s announcement of Griffon 0.0. It’s been quite the ride since then, and lots of fun if I may say so. As Danno noted, Griffon began life as a fork of the Grails codebase at the time. He literally copied the Grails source, removed everything that was related to HTTP and Servlets and added Swing on top. This allowed Griffon to bootstrap itself very quickly and begin its own journey. The feedback we’ve got was very positive and we happily continued adding more features, letting Griffon to have it’s own identity. Plugin support was Read More

Open Source Tools: Reports – Coverage

Measuring code coverage is a good way to figure out if a project has a healthy codebase or not. There is no magic number for coverage, as with many things it software the right answer depends on the context; this being said some projects strive for the perfect 100% and will relentlessly pursue that goal, no matter what. There are a handful of projects in the Java space that can calculate the coveted number: Cobertura, JaCoCo, and OpenClover. Of the three I’d say JaCoCo is the one I use most for the following reasons: JaCoCo delivers better branch coverage statistics Read More

Get ready for BaselOne

The second edition of the BaselOne conference (previously known as JavaBasel) will take place in October 19th in the city of Basel, Switzerland. This is a great opportunity to catch up with your peers, establish those essential network relationships, get the content directly from the source, also enjoy some fondue or chocolate too. The speaker lineup is ready, the content has a good mix of Java, JavaScript, and other useful software related topics. Tickets are still available if you want to join us! There’s one pre-conference event taking place one month before, we call it The Road to BaselOne, a Read More

Open Source Tools: Licensing

A key aspect for a FLOSS project to be successful is to choose the correct licensing scheme. There are tons of license you can choose from, a good starting point would OSI’s Licenses & Standards page. Take some time to review some of them, as each one defines duties and benefits that you as an author, your contributors, and the users of your code have access to. When in doubt please contact someone that’s knowledgeable in the subject, for example you can reach out to the OSI directly, or ask at the mailing list/forum of a popular project which may Read More

[Interview] Ray Tsang @ JCrete

Ray Tsang works at Google as Google Cloud Advocate. He tours the world speaking at conferences, JUGs, and other developer events speaking about the stuff that happens inside Google Cloud and related projects. He’s quite fond of gRPC, a technology that allows bi-directional streaming using a binary protocol. He’s also the author of JDeferred, a Java library that provides an implementation of the Promise concept, making it quite easy to write asynchronous applications. We talk about these topics, particularly on the differences between JDK8’s CompletableFuture and JDeferred’s Promise; on this regard, I recently wrote an article titled JDeferred: Simple Handling Read More

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