[Issue 003] DSLs with Java. 2017-09-12
Designing and implementing a DSL with Java may result in a tedious and arduous experience given the limitations of the language. However there are a couple of techniques and tricks than can be applied to obtain better results.

[Issue 002] Assertions, Assertions, Assertions. 2017-06-20
Exercising assertions (or checks) on values during tests is a common occurrence in Java. However choosing the right API and finding the determining the information to be displayed when an assertions fails can be tricky. We'll discuss some of the options we have in the Java space to achieve these goals.

[Issue 001] Gradle project properties. 2017-06-06
Figuring out the scope of a project property in a Gradle build can be confusing at times. In this very first issue we look at different options for defining project properties and reading their values.

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