Contributing to JavaFX

Johan Vos (@johanvos) has setup a mirror of the official OpenJFX codebase as a repository at Github ( This repository allows anyone interested in contributing to JavaFX to be able to send patches to the project. Would you like to join the efforts to move JavaFX forward? These are the steps you must follow with the current pipeline:

  1. Have a Github account. It only takes a few minutes to setup and it's free!
  2. Have a bug/feature in mind you'd like to see fixed/added to JavaFX.
  3. Browse the list of open issues at to see if you can help; discussing ideas, proposing use cases, code reviews are also welcome, not just code.
  4. Send a pull request with your changes when ready, done!

Well that would be the case for a regular Open Source project hosted at GitHub however OpenJFX requires a bit more of work, but not that much, it's just a couple of steps more:

  1. Be a signatory of the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA). Follow the steps outlined at if you have not signed the OCA.
  2. Link the github issue/PR with a bug in the Java Bug System (JBS), see If no existing issue is available then create one.

It's also recommended that you follow the same coding standards as the rest of the team, more details can be found in the document.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Andres! It looks like the repo has moved. Would you mind updating the link to send newcomers to the right place?

    Thanks so much!

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