Get ready for BaselOne

The second edition of the BaselOne conference (previously known as JavaBasel) will take place in October 19th in the city of Basel, Switzerland. This is a great opportunity to catch up with your peers, establish those essential network relationships, get the content directly from the source, also enjoy some fondue or chocolate too. The speaker lineup is ready, the content has a good mix of Java, JavaScript, and other useful software related topics. Tickets are still available if you want to join us!

There's one pre-conference event taking place one month before, we call it The Road to BaselOne, a name coined by none other than Gerrit Grünwald (@hansolo_) himself. The idea is to visit JUGs in southern Germany, Switzerland, and Northern Italy in the span of two weeks, starting September 11th. All sessions will be recorded and will be available through Nighthacking. We may be able to stream directly form some locations so be on the lookout if you would like to join. The current schedule and stops of the tour look like this

September 11th. Karlsruhe JUG.

September 12th. Stuttgart JUG.

September 13th. Munich.

September 14th. Zürich JUG.

September 15th. JUG Lugano.

September 18th. JUG Milano.

September 19th. JUG Torino.

September 20th. Geneva JUG.

September 21st. Basel JUG.

Unfortunately Gerrit won't be able to join us in person this time. Participating on the tour are Kirk Pepperdine (@kcpeppe), Sebastian Daschner (@DaschnerS), Ixchel Ruiz (@ixchelruiz), and myself (@aalmiray); and of course you! If you're close to any of the aforementioned locations then we'd like to encourage you to join the JUG meetups in person, otherwise consider following us online to catch up on the events.

Go Java!

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