Gum 0.8.0 is out!

Whoa, 2 Gum releases in the same month? I'm having so much fun working with and on Gum that I just couldn't resist posting another release. Last time I mentioned that Gum is capable of launching JBang with explicit and implicit targets; in the case of implicit a strict file order was to be followed: .java, .jsh, and .jar. Well no more, Gum 0.8.0 let's you configure the resolution order as you deem necessary. The configuration may be per directory (project) or global. Which brings me to the second major feature added to this release, how do you know which configuration options are in place? Now you can tell by invoking gm -gc, a new command flag that prints out the current configuration. Lastly, plain text on terminals is so last millennium, let's see some colors! Gum will output the current configuration using a configurable color theme. The following screenshots give you an idea of what's possible (click on the screenshot to enlarge it)

Displaying current configuration

Running a Maven build

Running a Gradle build

Running a JBang script

Next time you feel like that one time Roddy Piper did, know that Gum has your back and you'll never run out of it, so that you can keep building the awesome stuff that you do 😉

Keep on coding!

Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay

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