Hack.Commit.Push Paris 2019

I'm so excited to share what happened at Hack.Commit.Push Paris 2019. It's said that an image speaks louder than words, so here it is

Success! The event transcurred as follows as far as I remember (we event organizers participated in the hacks too thus we ended up jumping from one place to the next, fun!). We arrived in the morning to help setup the venue and get ready for registration, just to find out that Florent, Dilek, Hervé, and Michael had made the necessary preparations already, there were so eager to get started that they beat us to the punch.

Attendees began to trickle in by 9am as expected. The registration process went pretty smooth thanks to Alf.io, the Open Source ticketing system we used thanks to our sponsor Swicket. Manual check-in and QR-code scan via their Alf.io mobile app worked without any problems. We're quite happy with the experience and highly recommended it to anyone interested in running events. After having breakfast in the terrace (we had plenty of space at the venue sponsored by TechCodeFactory) we gathered in the main room to get started. Florent welcomed everybody and explained the goals of the day. We also had presentations by our sponsors (Pivotal, CleverCloud, Neo4j) letting us know why they are interested in Open Source and fostering community events like Hack.Commit.Push.

Next, project leads made a short presentation on the topics they brought to the table. Here's the full list of topics

Name Leads Description
Angular Cédric Exbrayat, Jean-Baptiste Nizet [en] Angular is a platform that makes it easy to build applications with the web. Angular combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges.
Apache Maven Hervé Boutemy [en] Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool.
Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.
Asciidoctor Schalk Cronjé [en] Learn to contribute to Asciidoctor: a fast text processor & publishing toolchain for converting AsciiDoc to HTML5, DocBook & more.
BootstrapFX Andres Almiray [en] BootstrapFX is a partial port of Twitter Bootstrap for JavaFX.
It mainly provides a CSS stylesheet that closely resembles the original while being custom tailored for JavaFX's unique CSS flavor.
Eclipse Che Sun Seng David Tan [en] Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE built for teams and organizations.
GNOS Elias [en] GNOS is a developer/hacker-focused Ubuntu remix featuring root ZFS, full-disk-encryption, uniform dark mode, many privacy tools, a comprehensive & curated apps collection and an extensive CLI toolkit.
Gradle Andres Almiray [en] Gradle is an open-source build automation tool
that is designed to be flexible enough to build almost any type of software.
Groovy Andres Almiray [en] Apache Groovy is a powerful, optionally typed and dynamic language, with static-typing and static compilation capabilities, for the Java platform aimed at improving developer productivity thanks to a concise, familiar and easy to learn syntax.
Kodein Framework Salomon Brys [fr] Le Kodein Framework est un Framework open source Kotlin/Multiplatform qui vise à fournir aux développeurs d'applications mobile un ensemble de librairies haut niveau permettant la création de module métiers partagés entre les différentes plateformes mobiles supportées par Kotlin : Android, iOS, PWA.
Kubernetes FR Docs Rémy Leone [fr] Nous vous proposons d’améliorer la traduction de la documentation de Kubernetes au cours de cet atelier.
Nous verrons les principales problématiques, le processus de revue et les outils qui servent à fournir la documentation de Kubernetes.
Neo4j Michael Hunger [en] Neo4j is a graph database platform, with native graph storage and fast processing.
Property graph model and Cypher query language makes it easy to understand.
Open Liberty Joseph Chacko, Charlie Parker, Andrew Rouse [en] Open Liberty is a fast, lightweight, open source Java runtime environment, ideal for cloud-native applications and microservices.
Python FR Docs Julien Palard, Jules Lasne [en] Contribute the French translation of the Python documentation.
QuickPerf Jean Bisutti [en] QuickPerf is a test Java open source library (Apache License, Version 2.0) that provides annotations to quickly evaluate some performance properties.
riff Florent Biville [en] riff is the open-source Function as a Service platform of Pivotal, based on Kubernetes and Knative.

And then we were off to join the project of our choosing and hack for the day. It's worth noting that there was also a 2 hour Git workshop running right after this session and before lunch. Hack.Commit.Push welcomes everyone that's willing to contribute, we're more than happy to share how to get started even if you don't know the tech nor the tools. What followed were 6 hrs of pure hacking fun; every team sharing knowledge, keyboard shortcuts, esoteric CLI tools, eureka moments, and more.

There were opportunities for cross-pollination between projects, which is one of the reasons to host this event, sometimes an idea coming from left field brings a different perspective on a problem and enables you to find a better solution. Dilek took photographs all day and recorded interviews which will be posted soon! At the end of the day we gathered again in the main room to make a short presentation on the achievements made by each team. It turns out that half of the attendees made their first contribution ever to Open Source on this day, this is big! Everyone was happy with the results they've got. Here are some impressions

In summary, Hack.Commit.Push was lots of fun, we learned a lot, contributed to Open Source communities, and made new friends. Two thumbs up, will do it again!

The organizing team would like to thank our sponsors, project leads, and attendees for making Hack.Commit.Push a great success. We're already thinking in the following steps for next year, as well as exporting the event to other locations (Andorra, London, Sao Paulo, Zurich, ?). Send us a message to organization[at]hack-commit-pu.sh if you'd like to see an event like this happening in your area.

Hack.Commit.Push: making the world a better place, one commit at a time.

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