Last month I twitted a rather cryptic message

Followed by another one

Today I'm happy to announce the meaning behind these messages: http://hack-commit-pu.sh, the first ever, full day Hackergarten conference is open! If you have attended a Hackergarten before then you know what to expect, if not then let me say a few words about Hackergarten.

The group was born in Basel, Switzerland back in 2010. The point is to work on an Open Source of your choice in order to fix a bug, create a feature, write a blog post, create a video, or anything else you might think of that can be a valuable contribution to the chosen project. The group became so successful that we exported the idea to other cities in Switzerland (Zurich, Luzern, Bern, Lausane, Lugano) as well as expanding beyond Swiss borders, we've been to Germany, France, Morocco, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, UK, Mexico, USA, and Japan! We usually have project leads in attendance wherever we go, even joined forced remotely across the Atlantic in once ocassion!

We only have a few rules:

  1. You are encouraged to talk about Hackergarten with your peers and friends.
  2. You're definitely encouraged to talk about Hackergarten with your peers and friends, seriously do so! (Tyler Durden would disapprove)
  3. We hack on anything as long as it's Open Source, no matter the programming language, platform, IDE, etc.
  4. Be friendly and mingle. We guarantee you'll learn something new each session.
  5. Bring a friend next time.

We offer a welcoming space for everyone regardless of your skill level. Experienced developer, junior developer, student? You all are welcome to join us. The event is scheduled for a Saturday, if you're thinking in coming from abroad then it might be a good idea to bring family and/or your significant other for a weekend of geeky fun and fine food in Paris.

Hack.Commit.Push would not be possible without the great efforts from Florent, Michael, Hervé, and others that have helped us launch it.

Keep on coding!

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