Ikonli 11.0.0 Released

Celebrating the recent release of JavaFX 11 and the upcoming release of Java 11 (any moment now!) I'd like to announce that Ikonli 11.0.0 is out!

Judging by its number you can tell that this release synchronizes with both JavaFX 11 and Java 11. This release provides 30 icon packs (the same number as 2.4.0) but it requires Java 11 as a minimum. All artifacts have been fully modularized and take advantage of JPMS. You can configure and run your application on the module path or in the classpath, either way Ikonli will resolve your favorite icons.

If running on the module path you'll have to add some instructions to your module descriptor, for example setting up the FontAwesome pack with a JavaFX application is as easy as


module com.acme.demo {
    requires javafx.base;
    requires javafx.graphics;
    requires javafx.controls;
    requires org.kordamp.iconli.core;
    requires org.kordamp.ikonli.javafx;
    // add icon pack modules
    requires org.kordamp.ikonli.fontawesome;

And there you go. Enjoy making your JavaFX and Swing applications look snappier and more user-friendly with Ikonli.

Keep on coding!

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