JReleaser 0.5.0 has been released!

The latest JReleaser version is out! v0.5.0 is readily available for download. As always, this release is comprised of bug fixes and new features listed at v0.5.0 milestone. Please take special note of the breaking changes introduced in this release. Version 0.5.0 introduces 2 additional distribution types, 2 additional announcers, and refinements over Jlink and NativeImage distributions. A quick summary of what's now available follows:

Generic Binary Distributions

JReleaser supports Java binary distributions since its first release, however this new type allows JReleaser to package and publish non-Java distributions, the only requirement is to follow the standard Linux binary distribution file structure, that is, a ZIP file that contains the following files

└── bin
    └── executable

At the moment only Homebrew, Docker, Scoop, and Snap packagers are supported.

Native Package Distributions

Native packagers are platform specific files that are used to install an application. The current set of supported native packagers include .dmg, .pkg, .deb, .rpm, .msi, .exe. For the time being only .dmg and .pkg are supported by the Homebrew packager, with more packagers to come in the future. If these file formats look familiar to you perhaps it's because they are the file formats supported by the jpackager tool which JReleaser will add as an assembler in the future (#207).

Google ChatBot Announcer

You can announce releases to Google Chat using an incoming webhook. This feature was contributed by Anyul Rivas (@anyulled).

Webhooks Announcer

Speaking of webhooks, there are plenty of services out there that support incoming webhook. JReleaser now gives you the choice to send a JSON payload or a custom payload to any webhook.

Sdkman Updates

Sdkman is a package manager for Java based tools which typically require a suitable Java runtime to be available on the target environment. Because of this only Java binary distributions were accessible to the Sdkman announcer. Now both Jlink and Native Image distributions also become available.

Native Image Updates

Previously Native Image distributions only required the executable file. Now artifacts of this type of distribution must be packaged as ZIP files. As a consequence you can also pack additional files such as LICENSE, README, or any other support files. Artifacts must comply with the following structure:

└── bin
    └── executable

The NativeImage assembler can generate ZIP files as well.

Updating a Git Release

Up to this point only release assets were updated when the update property was set. Now you have the choice to update the title, body, and assets. This feature works for all supported releasers such as GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, and Codeberg.

As always, feedback is welcomed, feel free to file a ticket or start a discussion topic.

Keep on coding!

Image by Сергей Горбачев from Pixabay

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