JReleaser 1.0.0-M2 has been released!

JReleaser v1.0.0-M2 has just been released! The second milestone release towards 1.0.0 is here! This release fixes a variety issues find by users. Be mindful of the breaking changes introduced in this release. There are no big features added in this release, just a handful of improvements and plenty of fixes, such as


Lots of improvements in this area such as GitHub workflow files being placed at their correct location; POSIX file permissions handled correctly when running on Windows; skip remote repository when packaging on Windows; simplified templates for BINARY and NATIVE_IMAGE distributions; ability to override package version; validate licenseUrl exists.


Refine how classpath is passed to both jdeps and jlink; jdeps may use wildcard in classpath to shorten command invocation (useful on Windows); let jdeps limit module search by defining target classes or JARs.


All assemblers may know be invoked without forcing sources to be inside a Git repository. This lets you use JReleaser as a generic jlink/jpackage/graal assembler on any project regardless if you'd release it with JReleaser or not.


Ability to override detected platform, useful when assembling cross-platform Rust binaries. full-release and release offer all missing command options based on the behavior they provide over their aggregated commands.

Breaking changes:

  • jpackage: conditionally add the current platform to the generated installer file.
  • jpackage: resourceDir should be platform specific.
  • release: update is no longer a boolean but its own section.
  • distribution: executable is no longer a String but its own section.

As always, feedback is welcomed, feel free to file a ticket or start a discussion topic.

Keep on coding!

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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