JReleaser 1.8.0 has been released!

JReleaser v1.8.0 has just been released! The full list of issues can be found at the v1.8.0 milestone. This is mostly a fix release with a handful of enhancements. We'd like to thank our most recent contributors. The project also received contributions from Hackergarten Zurich.


Generation of Homebrew formulae for Jlink distribiutions targeting Apple Silicon M1/M2 has been revamped and should work without problems.


Nexus2 deployer had problems with extra slashes '/' found in deployment paths. This issue has been fixed.


GitHub release notes larger than 10k will be truncated while the original will be added as a release asset.


SLSA (Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts) from OpenSSF just unveiled their newest feature: [BYOB](Build your own SLSA 3+ provenance builder on GitHub Actions)(Bring Your Own Builder) on #GitHub. JReleaser is among early adopters, more information can be found here.

As always, feedback is welcomed, feel free to file a ticket or start a discussion topic.

Keep on coding!

Photo by Sophie Turner on Unsplash

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