PomChecker 1.1.0 has been released!

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of the PomChecker suite version 1.1.0! PomChecker is a small utility that can verify if a POM or BOM file complies with the minimum requirements for being uploaded to Maven Central. I wrote this utility to reduce the chance of getting an error when uploading artifacts to Maven Central due to invalid or missing information in a given POM. There are no changes in behavior compared to version 1.0.0 however there are now three more options at your disposal for checking the validity of a POM file.

The new options include:

  • Running as a standalone Java application. You can download a .zip or .tar.gz from the release page or install it via SDKMAN!.
  • Running as a ToolProvider implementation. This is the preferred way to add behavior to Bach builds. Bach supports the latest version of PomChecker.
  • Running as a Gradle plugin. All generated POMs will be automatically checked (included BOMs if configured as such).

Of course the previous options remain available:

Use any of these options to check if your POMs comply with the minimum set of POM elements required for uploading to Maven Central. Don't wait until uploading to a staging repository to check if that's the case, do it early with PomChecker! If none of these options are suitable to your needs or if you happen to use a different tool it may be the case that embedding pomchecker-core is enough or perhaps tighter integration may be needed; by all means reach out and file a ticket.

Keep on coding!

Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

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