Hooking Gradle build scans notifications to Gitter

Recently I posted on the benefits of enabling build scans on your project, as you may appreciate in the screenshots you get a link to the build scan’s URL as a result when the build is run. This URL is build specific and only those that have access to the build log will be able to see the link. What if you wanted to share the link with others? There are many ways to share information about a project hosted on GitHub/Gitlab/Bitbucket, one of them happens to be Gitter.im. Gitter.im is a messaging system that connects with GitHub repositories, bringing Read More

Improving build times with Gradle build scans

Waiting for code to compile is something that Java developers experience daily. Waiting for a full build to finish before continuing on your next task can take even longer time. There must be a better way to increase consumption of computing power and reduce waiting times. Let me show you one way to make this happen with a concrete example. The Sentinel project by Alibaba is a very popular project in China, self described as A lightweight powerful flow control component enabling reliability and monitoring for microservices In particular this project defines capabilities that are time sensitive (sync and async) Read More

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