A year of Go

Last year I blogged about Jumping into Go. I did it because I wanted a CLI tool that would let me invoke Maven or Gradle builds using their respective command wrapper or the actual command. This tool is known as Gum. Decided to write it in Go because a) the tool is CLI and would need platform specific hooks, b) Go produces small binaries for all target platforms, and c) to force to me actually learn and use the language. As explained at the first post my experience with Go was quite similar to what I went through when I Read More

Jumping into Go

I finally did it. I jumped into Go and I like it. Many years ago (7 or so?) a dear friend of mine told me about Go and that I should give it a try. He did warn me that the language felt like Java of the olden days, back when Java was 1.0, but despite this Go was a pretty good language. I did give Go a try a few times in the past, even presented a couple of times (at work and abroad) about the similarities and differences between Java and Go from a Java developer’s POV, yet Read More

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