DesktopPaneFX 0.9.0 released!

Version 0.9.0 of DesktopPaneFX has just been released! You can download it directly from Bintray's JCenter and/or Maven Central. This version delivers the following changes:

  • The title bar has been moved out from InternalWindow into its own component: TitleBar. This is a breaking change as some properties and methods have been migrated to the new class.
  • InternalWindow can only be dragged from its title bar. Previous versions allowed dragging from anywhere within the window.
  • InternalWindow now exposes a resizable property.

There's also a new incubating feature that made the cut: the ability to detach and attach windows to a DesktopPane. The following video demonstrates this feature in action

There are still some rough edges here and there such as:

  • Detached window does not change active state.
  • Can not attach a window to a DesktopPane different from the one it was detached from.

This feature is not enabled by default, you must enable it by defining a System property named with a true value, before any window is instantiated, like this

System.setProperty("", "true");

Or if you prefer you can also use the constant provided by the IncubatingFeatures type, like this

System.setProperty(IncubatingFeatures.DETACHABLE_WINDOWS, "true");

Feedback is always welcomed, source code and issue tracker are located at

Keep on coding!

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  • Great work! Looks great! , but I do think the title bars take up too much of the screen estate. Five windows open..a lot of space gets wasted. Just something to consider 🙂

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