Ikonli 12.0.0 Released!

I'm ecstatic to announce that Ikonli 12.0.0 is finally available for general consumption! Ikonli is the best way to add spice and character to JavaFX and Swing applications alike via configurable icons. Ikonli provides icon packs for popular icon sets such as FontAwesome, Material Design, Weather icons, and more. This release increases the number of icons packs from 31 to 55! That's a lot of icons to choose from! There's no need to hunt down icons on the web, it's likely Ikonli provides just what you require. But in the case that wasn't true Ikonli is extensible, allowing you to create and register your own icon packs, neat!

Also, this release brings the following changes:

  • Register/unregister icon handlers at runtime. You'd typically rely on Ikonli's internals (via ServiceLoader) to register icon packs found in the modulepath, however now you have the capability to register icons on the fly while the application is running.
  • JDK 11 is the new minimum. There are no plans to keep the 2.x series with JDK8 support.
  • Support for large icon sets such as the latest releases of Material Design. These icon sets define icon codes using Unicode code points, which fit in a Java int rather than a char.

The Ikonli guide provides a list of all icons, additionally a JavaFX application named ikonli-browser will be available soon, giving you search and browse capabilities. Here are some screenshots that show how it currently looks

Keep on coding!

Image by 8926 from Pixabay

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