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2020 was quite the year to say the least. The news cycle was underwhelming all year round. I must confess there were days when it was quite difficult to concentrate and couldn't get anything done. I count myself among the lucky ones that were able to work from home since day one and didn't get sick though I can't say the same for friends and family, some got sick (most recovered) but tragically a few dear friends left before their time. Despite all the ups and downs I managed to post some releases during the year, as a matter of fact I'm surprised there were 98 of them!

More than half of the releases are related to Gradle plugins with the Kordamp Gradle Plugin suite taking the top spot. I've blogged a few times regarding the different features that were added to the plugin suite, this post sums the reasons that prompted me to start the project. There were a handful of Maven related releases as well, with the pomchecker project taking the spotlight. There's even a non-Java project, Gum, written in Go. I blogged about my experience when diving head first into Go a while ago. Recently all JavaFX related projects were upgraded to have JavaFX 11 as their minimum compatible version, also jumping to full JPMS support with explicit module descriptors. Without further ado, here's the list of all releases posted in 2020:

Project Releases
bootstrapfx 2
desktoppanefx 3
enforcer-gradle-plugin 8
ezmorph 1
gum 8
ikonli 7
jandex-gradle-plugin 5
jbake-gradle-plugin 3
jbang-gradle-plugin 1
jdeprscan-gradle-plugin 3
jdeps-gradle-plugin 3
jsilhouette 1
kordamp-gradle-plugins 16
kordamp-gradle-project-template 1
kordamp-parentbuild 8
kordamp-parentpom 13
livereload-gradle-plugin 2
markdown-gradle-plugin 1
maven-shade-ext-transformers 3
oci-gradle-build-cache-plugin 2
oci-gradle-plugin 1
oci-maven-plugin 1
pomchecker 1
yguard-gradle-plugin 4

These are releases that fall under my control. As we know Open Source is centered on collaboration and participation, I enjoyed working with and helping other projects such as Groovy, Helidon, Micronaut, JBang, Maven, Sdkman, and Layrry.

If you find any of these projects to be of use to your daily work I'd appreciate if you were to join my list of patrons at Patreon, or sponsors at GitHub. Recently GitHub enabled companies and organizations to join the sponsorship program which means your organization/employer can sponsor an Open Source project, it's not just for individuals anymore! Speaking of organizations, if your company is looking for additional support levels then there's another option: Tidelift. Json-lib is currently lifted in case you're interested. Additional packages (such as Ikonli) can be lifted at a moments notice.

Keep on coding!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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