JReleaser 0.7.0 has been released!

The latest JReleaser release, v0.7.0, is out! This is a smaller release compared with previous ones as core features are mostly complete. There's a single breaking change in this release and should concern you if and only if you make use of the JDKs Gradle plugin. Here's a quick summary of what's new:


In v0.6.0 for distributions of type BINARY, that is those that provide executables regardless of their source language, Homebrew would automatically generate a Cask instead of a Formula and would not give you a chance to make it the other way. Now in v0.7.0 you're back in control and can specify if you really want a Cask or a Formula.


The JDKs Gradle plugin is a convenience to download and unpack JDK distributions whose main goal is to be used for generating cross-platform Java Runtimes with Jlink. On previous releases this plugin would unpack distribution archives as is but that caused trouble with multiple archives targeting different platforms as most vendors package their archives with the same name for the top level directory, effectively clobbering the unpacked distributions. In v0.7.0 this no longer occurs as the plugin now unpacks archives using the name of the configured JDK as top level directory. The change in paths constitutes a breaking change thus be mindful of your JReleaser configuration if you happen to use this plugin in a previous build.


Only files ending with .tpl will be treated as true template files. This allow skipping binary files such as images or any other text file that should not be processed as a template.


It's now possible to skip creating a Git release while still tagging the repository. This is useful when what you want is to publish release assets to an uploader (currently JFrog Artifactory or HTTP), tag the release but skip the Git release altogether.


Til v0.6.0, changelog generation would always create a delta with the latest tag when the project was deemed an early-access version. In v0.7.0 you can now specify if you want a full changelog since the last stable tag or keep generating a delta that spans from the most recent commit to the "early-access" tag (if it exists).

As always, feedback is welcomed, feel free to file a ticket or start a discussion topic.

Keep on coding!

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