JReleaser 1.11.0 has been released!

JReleaser v1.11.0 has just been released! The full list of issues can be found at the v1.11.0 milestone. This is mostly a fix release with a handful of enhancements, most notably staged deployments to Maven Central (via Nexus2) and SWID tag support. We'd like to thank our most recent contributors.


Nexus2 now enables staged deployments, useful for splitting deployments in UPLOAD, CLOSE, and RELEASE stages. Projects that rely on a voting process between staged artifacts and a final release can leverage this feature.


All assemblers (except JPackage) support generating SWID tags. SWID tags is an standard that can help strengthening
the Software Supply Chain. Combine them with SBOMs and SLSA for an added layer of security and traceability.


The Winget packager now supports defining dependencies such as: WindowsFeatures, WindowsLibraries, ExternalDependencies, and PackageDependencies.


Added a missing Tests category to the conventional commits preset.

As always, feedback is welcomed, feel free to file a ticket or start a discussion topic.

Keep on coding!

Photo by Jack Millard on Unsplash

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