JReleaser joins Commonhaus Foundation

I'm thrilled to announce that JReleaser has joined the Commonhaus Foundation! JReleaser joins the 1st generation of projects nurtured by the foundation which include Hibernate, Jackson, OpenRewrite, JBang, and Morphia. Read the press release of the foundation's launch here.

You may be asking, "what is the Commonhaus Foundation?" In short, the Commonhaus Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the long-term sustainability of open source projects. By offering a neutral home for succession planning, a minimal governance model, and fiscal sponsorship, it aims to ensure these projects remain accessible and continue to thrive for future generations of developers and businesses.

What does this mean for JReleaser? We knew it would be beneficial for everyone if the project were to move to a foundation at some point in its lifetime. Commonhaus provides everything the project needs at its current state while also offering assurances for its future.

How will this move affect you? Well, the project will keep its 2 month release cadence, code will stay hosted at https://github.com/jreleaser/jreleaser, contributions will continue to be accepted just as before. Basically operations should remain unobstructed. However, the foundation will help the project by strengthening its governance, ensuring continuity as contributors come and go, raising awareness on project capabilities and features, providing funds to contributors, and more. Meaning that choosing JReleaser as a tool in your toolbox should be more of a matter of weighting its capabilities against your requirements rather than wondering if the project will be maintained or not. Because, thanks to Commonhaus there is already a way forward to continued success.

We're quite excited about this move and looking forward to JReleaser's next chapter as a founding member project of Commonhaus Foundation.

Let's go! 🚀

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