The Road to BaselOne – Stop 1 – Karlsruhe

And so it began, the Road to BaselOne Tour kicked off with Sebastian (@DaschnerS) and myself (@aalmiray) meeting at Karlsruhe main train station in the early afternoon. After some time tending to our respective job obligations at a quiet location we arrived to our destination, the LogMeIn offices, the evening's sponsor for @jugka. Sebastian presented a hot topic: When, why and how to CQRS. The audience was very engaged and asked plenty of questions during the presentation, which was exactly our intended goal 🙂 I took the opportunity to stream live some portions of the presentation using Periscope, links below

Earlier in the presentation Sebastian explained what Event Sourcing is and why it's a good complement to CQRS


There was plenty of time after the session to mingle with the audience and continue discussing the topic. We also caught Rainer Steinegger, organizer of @jugka, for a short interview

Thanks a lot Rainer (@rasteinegger) and Theo (@tgrip) for the opportunity to share the knowledge at JUG Karlshe and becoming part of the BaselOne tour! On to the next stop: Stuttgart.

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