The Road to BaselOne – Stop 2 – Stuttgart

The Road to BaselOne continues! Stop #2 began with an early breakfast and plenty of time to do some work before jumping on the train to Stuttgart. I used the time we had to publish issue 003 of my newsletter (English, Spanish) recounting one of the many topics we experienced during the summer at JCrete. After a great meal at an Indian restaurant located at the south of the city we settled at our hotel to continue our daily work until later afternoon, when it was time for joining JUG Stuttgart.

For this stop both Sebastian and I had speaking slots, unfortunately the wifi network was not setup on time which mean no live streaming for this event. Sebastian began the evening with CQRS and EventSourcing, this time in German which made me appreciate the different reactions of the audience as the previous evening the content was delivered in English.

After a brief pause it was my turn to take the stage and speak about Gradle and how to make the most of your build by following 15 tips. For this particular evening half of the audience was already familiar with Gradle. Made my best to show the parallels between Maven and Gradle, mentioning where both tools may deliver similar benefits but also showcasing the uses cases where Gradle may be a better fit.

We finished the session by interviewing Tobias Frech, our contact at JUGS and organizer of this and several meetings. This day was a very special one because Tobias had 2 personal events yet he made time to spend the evening with his fellow Java colleagues; thank you so much Tobias!

The tour continues this evening in Munich, see you there!

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