The Road to BaselOne – Stop 6 – Milano

We arrived to Milano on Saturday by late afternoon and spent the weekend recharging batteries before restarting the tour. Milano has no shortage of fine pizza and delicious gelato; we naturally sampled some of the local delicacies, even had some time to wander around the Doumo and the Castello Sforzesco as the forecasted rain did not materialize. The program for the evening was packed as Sebastian, Kirk, and myself were scheduled to make a presentation each, this meant we had to split the time in 40 minute slots. Despite the reduced time we managed to make a good impression with the audience as there were plenty of questions and follow ups.

After the event we joined the organizers and a handful of attendees for pizza, at a place very close to Milano Central station; the pizzas were delicious and big. On the way back we also had some authentic Sicilian granita, the best place as proclaimed by the locals.

With stop #6 done we're left with just 3 more: Torino, Geneva, and Basel.

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