The Road to BaselOne – Stop 5 – Lugano

Ciao Amici! Sebastian and I had a blast in Zürich, alas it was time to depart for literally warmer climates. The city of Lugano in the south east of Switzerland has a very mild climate all year round. Another quick breakfast followed by some productive hours and we were on our way to Lugano. Kirk rejoined us from Munich one hour later, and Ixchel (@ixchelruiz) completed the traveling group 2 hours after we arrived in Lugano.

We enjoyed the grandiose view of the Lago di Lugano, with Monte Bre to the left and Monte San Salvatore to the south while we enjoyed a really good gelato. Late afternoon and it was time to head to the venue, where Kirk and Sebastian had a captive audience. Their G1 GC and CQRS talks prompted attendees to engage with interesting questions and additional scenarios.

After the event it was time to enjoy some authentic Neapolitan pizza with friends: Federico and Pasquale (from JUG Lugano). We've been told by no other than Mario Fusco (@mariofusco) that this is the best pizza you can get out of Naples, and let me tell you it did not disappoint!

This concludes the first section of the tour, on Saturday we're heading to Milano for a 2 day rest stop before restarting the tour on Monday. Next week we'll be in Milano, Torino, Geneva, and Basel; we hope you can join us at any of these meetings or interact with us online.

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