The Road to BaselOne – Stop 7 – Torino

Torino, what a great city. We arrived early morning from Milano after a quick train ride. We had time to do some work during the day and catch up with e-mails. Next Simone Bordet, co-leader of JUG Torino took us for a short trip around the city center and sample local delicacies at Café Al Bicerin. There are so many sights and interesting places to visit, both inside and outside of the city, alas it was time to join the JUG thus we headed to the venue. We'll have to come back again to Torino to have a further look.

The evening was jam packed with content. Kirk, Sebastian and myself presented each one of our talks once more, making sure the content was tailored for the audience. this time we had the opportunity to record all talks, which will be posted to the Nighthacking channel in the following days.

We had the chance to interview Simone regarding the activities of JUG Torino, its origins and its future.

We finished the evening by having lively conversations over pizza and gelato, what a great way to finish the Italian section of the BaselOne tour. Next stop: Genève!

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