The Road to BaselOne – Stop 8 – Geneva

We've had a blast so far at the Italian section of the tour, alas it was time to say goodbye to old and new friends and start the journey to our next destination. The schedule marked Geneva as our next stop, the plan was to continue traveling west then north to reach Geneva, however there were no suitable train routes in that direction, thus we headed back to Milano and crossed the border between Italy and Switzerland by passing under the Alps. This was Sebastian's last chance to get a cup of delicious italian made coffee. The scenery in this route is magnificent, lakes, valleys, snowy mountains, vineyards le sigh. We arrive at Geneva with enough time to get setup at the hotel, refresh ourselves and head to the venue.

Xavier Bourguignon started the meeting by reminding the audience about some additional events happening in the area in the near future, apparently it was the first time such announcements were made in English, the inhabitants of Geneva still prefer French for most of their daily communications 😉

Immediately after Sebastian delivered his CQRS talk which has had a lot of people asking questions during the tour. This topic is hot nowadays as the benefits and gains that an Event Driven architecture may deliver to a particular set of projects are very tangible.

Next up the audience got the chance to select between Gradle tips and the Java libraries you can't afford to miss talk, I'm happy to say that even though only 40% of attendees had previous working experience with Gradle the majority chose the Gradle talk. This particular talk is always custom tailored for a particular audience, in this occasion we had time to revisit the parallels between Maven and Gradle, as well as the features that IMHO make Gradle a better choice overall.

At the end of the seesion, as it has now become a tradition on the tour, we interviewed Xavier to find out more about his passion and the Geneva JUG.

There's only one more stop left in the tour but we had a very special treat the day after the JUG presentation, before heading to Basel: we visited CERN once more!

Thanks a lot to Manuel and Pablo for organizing the visit, showing us around and sharing so many incredible bits about the inner workings of CERN, its history, and its achievements.

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