JReleaser 1.0.0 is here!

The day has come. JReleaser v1.0.0 is here! I'm beyond ecstatic to post this announcement as this release is the culmination of multiple efforts made by all contributors, taking into account feedback received by several early adopters, some of which can be seen here. Remember that all deprecated code has been removed, we recommend upgrading to v1.0.0-M3 first to find out if your build uses deprecated features before moving to v1.0.0.

There is one more thing to mention, this release coincides with v0.1.0 which was posted exactly 1 year ago 🥳🤩

Lots of features have been added to the tool since, most visible if you have a look at generated changelogs across releases. Also, additional binaries became available such as cross-platform custom Java Runtimes generated with jlink, platform specific installers generated with jpackage, docker images, and more!

JReleaser may be used with projects that may or may not produce binaries, such as it's the case where you only want to automate the creation of a git release. If your project happens to produce binaries JReleaser offers additional capabilities to publish said binaries to different distribution channels (or package managers).

Moreover, JReleaser is not bound to just Java projects, turns out it can work with any kind of project regardless of its source language (we still recommend using GoReleaser if the source language is Go). Here's for example a post describing the steps to build and publish a trivial helloworld program written in Rust; and here is a repository where cross-platform Rust binaries are compiled, assembled, and published, all thanks to JReleaser and GitHub actions.

We're excited for this achievement and look forward to uses cases you may come up with when using the tool. As always, feedback is welcome, feel free to file a ticket or start a discussion topic.

Don't forget to follow the project on Twitter (@jreleaser) and star the project on GitHub!

Keep on coding!

Image by picjumbo_com from Pixabay

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