Releases posted in 2023

2023 has come and gone. And well, it had its ups and downs. This is the 3rd post related to yearly releases (2021, 2022). On those previous years I managed to post 59 official releases, not counting the hundreds of early-access releases on several of those projects thanks to JReleaser’s excellent support for switching between snapshot and stable releases by changing a single configuration property. How did 2023 fare against the previous years? Managed to post 42 releases this time. Happy to see Layrry and ModiTect reaching the 1.0.0 mark! JReleaser in turn kept pushing releases every 2 months as Read More

Releases posted in 2022

2022 is in the books. And what a year it was. We thought 2022 and 2021 were enough well, we know now 2022 topped them many times over. Work wise many teams at my current employer went the extra mile to ensure the next version of our flagship products will be ready for shipping this year as scheduled. Can’t wait to tell you what’s coming. Watch this space in the coming months. How well did I do this year with personal projects? Managed to post 59 releases in 2021 and in 2022 I managed … 59 again 😛 However, I’m Read More

Releases posted in 2021

The year 2021 is now behind us and what a year it was. Sometimes I could not keep listening to the news, once you feel the grip of depression you must act quickly to get out of the downward spiral. When that happened I turned my attention to code. Fortunately at work together with my teammates we had a series of success stories and wins all year long, yay for us! Now on the side of personal projects I did not manage as many releases as last year, 59 this years vs. 98 last. Or did I? Back in late Read More

Releases posted in 2020

2020 was quite the year to say the least. The news cycle was underwhelming all year round. I must confess there were days when it was quite difficult to concentrate and couldn’t get anything done. I count myself among the lucky ones that were able to work from home since day one and didn’t get sick though I can’t say the same for friends and family, some got sick (most recovered) but tragically a few dear friends left before their time. Despite all the ups and downs I managed to post some releases during the year, as a matter of Read More

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