The Road to BaselOne – Stop 3 – Munich

Day 3 of the Road to Basel One tour, this time in the city of Munich, Sebastian's home town. Kirk Pepperdine (@kcpeppe) joined us for this stop and delighted the audience with some general information on how garbage collectors work and how the G1 GC could be tuned. This topic is very relevant given that G1 becomes the default collector in Java 9, to be released two weeks from today.

We managed to record a few portions of his talk via periscope, you can watch them at the following links:

The meeting was hosted by Qaware; Sebastian interviewed Dr. Josef Adersberger (Member of the Board and Technical Managing Director) about the meetings the company runs in a monthly basis under the #CloudNativeNerd umbrella.



Thank you Qaware for the space and congratulations Munich for joining the BaselOne tour. See you on the road to BaselOne, next stop: Zürich!

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