The Road to BaselOne – Stop 4 – Zürich

Hoi Zürich! The weather in Munich was great when we left but quickly deteriorated into showers and strong winds. By train, ferry, and bus Sebastian and I arrived from Munich in Zürich just in time to have a light late lunch and head directly to the venue organized by A quick scramble to test the setup and we were off to a good start. Sebastian presented once more Event Sourcing and CQRS. This particular topic resonates very well with audiences as there were many questions regarding the pros and cons of choosing an event driven architecture design for your next project.

If you'd like to know more about this topic, Sebastian has posted a free video course at his blog. Next came my turn, presenting on migrating from Maven to Gradle. There were a good number of attendees already familiar with Gradle in one way or another but there were also those curious to learn why Gradle could be a better fit as a build tool for their projects. My personal opinion is that Gradle is the better tool overall, and like many technology choices it's not a silver bullet, there are cases where keeping your current build setup is better for the short and medium terms.

We chatted with Oliver Nautsch, member of the board for and president. We also caught up with Gerald Mücke, who's a member of the community, volunteer at Voxxed Days Ticino and occasional speaker. We also caught a few impressions from the attendees in the ápero after the presentations.


Today we're heading to Lugano, on to warmer climates and fun Java times!

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